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Benoît Gaillat, French E-commerce and Shopify expert

I might as well say it right away, I fell in love with the Shopify e-commerce solution as soon as I used it. And yet, I already had more than 15 years of experience with Magento, Prestashop and other e-commerce solutions.

But its ease of use, its organization and the speed with which new e-commerce projects can be deployed instantly seduced me.

That's why I decided to continue to train myself and create e-commerce sites under Shopify until I became a Shopify expert.

Today I put at your disposal my skills to create your online store, boost it or make your Shopify e-commerce site profitable.

Do you need a Shopify Expert ?

Indeed, even if Shopify is easy to access and convenient to use, it is sometimes difficult to do everything during the day. The life of an e-merchant is very busy, I know it, I have been for many years.

After all, it is still an e-commerce software developed over 15 years ago, which has undergone many changes and improvements. It's not always easy to find your way around the features you don't use every day.

Sometimes you don't necessarily know how to configure all the tools or applications and you may need a little help, temporary or not.

Whether it is for a simple e-commerce audit of your shop or for a monthly e-commerce support, I can put my knowledge of the Shopify solution at your service very quickly.

Taking advice from someone who knows Shopify and can help you move faster is a good idea!

Shopify Expert : for wich missions ?

What are the tasks that can be entrusted to a Shopify freelance professional like me? Well, the perimeter is wide! From website creation to web marketing and optimization, many things are possible.

My role is to find solutions for your shop! Whether it is being created, growing fast or even your e-commerce site is losing momentum.

Shopify skills in ecommerce creation

Of course, creating a Shopify site is a recurring request. If you don't know which e-commerce solution to choose, call me to discuss it over the phone.
If you have already chosen Shopify and you are looking for a freelancer who masters the solution to create your turnkey e-commerce site on Shopify then use the contact form below so that I can give you a quote.

Create a ecommerce website with Shopify is extremely fast! It is ideal to limit project costs and quickly start selling online.

Contrary to popular belief, Shopify is not only for small sites. It is possible to manage thousands of products and orders on Shopify.
Thanks to the large catalogue of e-commerce apps on the marketplace and my skills, you can transform Shopify into a marketplace, Dropshipping, in short, make it the ideal sales tool for your company.

My Shopify Marketing Expertise

In addition to the creation of e-commerce sites, I can assist you in the webmarketing of your shop. It is the whole phase of creating traffic to bring Internet users to your site and turn them into buyers.

Before intervening on your marketing, it is often preferable to carry out a webmarketing audit to know where your traffic comes from.
To perform the webmarketing audit, it is necessary that Google Analytics is configured on your site. If this is not the case, rest assured, I can act as a Google Analytics freelancer to help you set everything up.

Once the audit is complete, we can launch the creation of campaigns and set realistic growth objectives for your site traffic. I can help you increase your Shopify site traffic through four main levers.

1) Shopify SEO Expert

As a senior SEO consultant trained at Shopify, Shopify SEO has no secrets for me. Optimizing your pages to make them 100% compatible with Google, or finding keyword ideas, all part of my service as a webmarketing expert for Shopify.

SEO missions generally focus on 3 strategic points for your natural traffic:

  1. Optimize the pages of your site: speed, page weight, structure, keywords...)
  2. Optimize the content of your site: page themes, content organization, content length, duplicate content etc....
  3. Optimize your links: Create internal and external links to your site, partner with other thematic sites to get links etc....

These 3 actions alone represent 99% of the SEO expertise missions on Shopify and are the essential points to work on to make your site a reference in its sector.

2) Shopify SEA Expert

Paid SEO, or SEA for search engine advertising, is the second pillar of traffic that I often recommend to my customers. If there were 3 reasons for this: For ease of access, immediate traffic, the significant ROI that can be achieved.
Of course, you need to have a budget for this and regularly optimize campaigns.

My work and expertise is in the management of ad hoc campaigns for Shopify sites. This includes:

  1. Creating campaigns and ads to your Shopify site
  2. The implementation of tracking to measure ROI
  3. The creation of dashboards
  4. The management of the Adwords account
  5. Monthly optimizations on campaigns

I also spend a lot of time advising my clients on the best strategies, indicators to monitor and training them as much as possible so that they can develop their own skills.

3) Shopify Facebook Ads Expert

Once your Shopify site sells well in natural referencing and Google Ads, it's time to switch to Facebook Ads!
Facebook ads, or more generally social selling, is indeed an excellent way to boost your shopify site. Facebook has the largest number of users in the world and it is possible to easily target them using the many criteria of the Facebook algorithm.

That said, like any source of traffic, it is essential to know what you are doing to avoid spending money and to control your campaigns well.
A good knowledge of social ads and shopify is therefore often required to transform this experience into a sales engine!

4) Shopify Emailing Expert

Is the emailing dead? And no, he's alive and well! Everyone has been predicting the death of email for years and yet, it remains an important source of revenue for many e-merchants.
Sending highly targeted newsletters, regularly and with relevant content: that's the secret. I assist many merchants in e-commerce coaching in this process to transform their massive and useless campaigns into targeted and profitable emails. Do you have an email database? You don't have any? It doesn't matter! Building a base is part of my expertise.

Shopify Expertise to boost your business

Is your shopify website online? Are your marketing campaigns a hit? Good. This is only the beginning! It is possible to do even better.
At this step,I can help to boost your shopify site and optimize its conversion rate. By finely analyzing the data and performing an e-commerce site audit, we can find many ways to turn many visitors into buyers.

better conversion with Shopify

Shopify is a great tool to sell online, but optimizing the conversion of a site to SaaS requires more than technology. You have to put yourself in the customer's shoes and imagine all the barriers that are created during the sale.
I am very interested in all scientific research in the field of psychology and brain function because it has a direct impact on the way we buy.

Colours, shapes, words imply many things in our unconscious. When you are trading with your head in the handlebars every day, it is not easy to step back.
Take advantage of my skills on Shopify to have your site analyzed and find the most profitable growth opportunities.

Google Analytics and Shopify

The advantage of an e-commerce site under Shopify is that you can measure everything with Google Analytics. The disadvantage is that it generates a lot of data.
Using Google Analytics data to optimize your site is essential to make the difference with your competitors.

My expertise on Google Analytics and Shopify allows me to deliver monthly optimization reports.
Every month, I go through your data to find the most relevant and profitable information for your Shopify e-commerce site.
As a former e-commerce veteran and shopify expert, I can quickly identify if a data can be useful to you and thus save you hours in Analytics.

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Why Shopify ?

You don't know Shopify very well? You are wondering why I am so enthusiastic about this e-commerce website creation solution?
I have been able to test many E-commerce CMS during my career, I have indeed worked on more than 400 e-commerce sites !
However, if there is often one thing missing from e-commerce software, it is the ease of use for e-merchants.
Shopify has succeeded in this point with brio and allows you to focus on business. In addition, the surrounding ecosystem allows merchants to easily find e-commerce skills that are familiar with Shopify.

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