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Are you looking for an SEO and Shopify specialist? I'm here to help you make your Shopify e-commerce site number 1 on Google!

Aiming for first place and increasing your traffic is my job! I have been an SEO freelancer for more than 15 years and I have been able to help many e-commerce sites increase their sales and number of visits.

In addition to mastering SEO, I am also an expert in Shopify, I have been able to create online shops with Shopify and make them appear number 1 on Google for their keywords

To use my services as an SEO Shopify expert, nothing could be easier. Simply use the contact form below to get your personalized quote.

Do you need my SEO shopify expertise ?

Do you know what SEO really is ?

Google speaks to you but keywords, seo, netlinking is not your thing?

Your shopify site trafic is not taking off ?

Vous avez lancé votre site avec l’aide du cms shopify depuis plusieurs semaines, mois mais peu ou pas de ventes ni de trafic ?

Do you have any agressive competitors in seo

Your competitors monopolize the first places? No matter what you do, they always stay ahead?

You don't have a clear strategy ?

You know SEO but you feel like you've done the trick? Not to find new ideas to boost the SEO of your shopify website?

Do you lack content ?

Do you have difficulty writing long and complete texts on a theme?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions then you need an SEO shopify expert! Contact me now to boost your SEO and turn my expertise into revenue for you!

SEO Shopify Expert : How much does it cost ?

That's the first question I've been asked and yet it's not the right one! Certainly, "how much will a service of seo cost me for shopify" is a good question from a business manager's point of view.

But as a SEO expert who knows Shopify well, I can spend one day a month on your site as 10 or 15 days a month, or even more! Indeed, I can be supported by a multidisciplinary team of freelancers with whom I work on large assignments.

The best way to answer "how much does a seo Shopify expert cost" is to define a budget yourself. How much can you allocate to the seo referencing of your Shopify site every month without endangering your shop?
Once this information is in your possession, my role as a shopify expert is to offer you the service that best suits your budget AND your site.
If you have already chosen Shopify and you are looking for a freelancer who masters the solution to create your turnkey e-commerce site on Shopify then use the contact form below so that I can give you a quote.

I know that many merchants and e-commerce managers do not like to give a precise budget because they are afraid that their referrer will "take advantage" of it to get more than he should.
Don't worry, the higher your budget, the more actions you can do per month, the more content, more #1 positions, more links etc... Good referrers like to see their clients' sites go up in search results: it's their best advertising!

SEO Shopify Expert : How does a mission work ?

1) SEO Audit

The first part of a seo mission for an e-commerce site, shopify or not, always starts with a seo audit.
This is the mandatory step to review what works and what doesn't work in your current SEO strategy. The SEO audit will indeed allow me to detect the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO and will therefore allow me to list the tasks on which to work first.

Should the site be optimized? Should the content be optimized? And if so, which pages first? Should netlinking be optimized? As many questions as it is necessary to ask at the beginning of the mission with a Google SEO expert.

Like a doctor, it is necessary to have the right diagnosis before starting the mission to be sure to apply the right treatment!

2) Find relevant Keywords

Once the diagnosis is established, it is then time to define the keywords and semantic universes of your sites and pages. My expertise on e-commerce sites developed with Shopify and on SEO allows me to offer you many keywords but also to structure and organize them in the interest of your customers!

Any serious referrer is able to establish a list of keywords. Some will want to sell you 10 keywords, others millions. From my point of view and after 15 years of SEO, the amount of keywords is not the right question.

My goal is to do SEO to bring you bu business e-commerce, not to refer you to millions of keywords never used by your customers or that do not convert. .
Targeting the good keywords is therefore essential!
This list is regularly updated throughout the SEO mission with new keywords according to developments, Internet users' search trends and of course your product catalog.

3) Optimization / creation of content

Once the keywords have been identified, it will be necessary to write content, a lot of content. And of course publish it on your Shopify e-commerce site.

Without content, there is no natural referencing on Google, Bing or other. Search engines mainly use text content to determine the interest of a page. Writing thousands of words on a subject, organizing them and making them interesting for your Internet users is an expert's job! And it can take a long time.

On the other hand, what a pleasure to see numbered places on Google lock onto your content and bring you maximum traffic while your competitors drop in the results irremediably.

This part of the SEO consulting job is often the least valued by customers and referrers but it is a real pleasure for me to be able to take places (and conversion!) with good content.

4)Netlinking creation

Even if content is very important, so is linking. Like the content, any referrer, shopify expert or not, will be able to create links. But a seo expert will choose them for care, disperse them and make it as natural as possible.

Creating mass links by an intern will never serve your interests. Choose an SEO specialist who will show moderation in the links and who can get you partnerships with major publishers with a strong presence.

For my part, I work on this subject in collaboration with other referees for more discretion and efficiency.

5) SEO performance measurement

The performance of the actions listed above is measured monthly and a report is sent to you monthly. My Google Analytics certification and expertise allow me to find the right data quickly.
I also make a monthly phone call with all my SEO customers to present them with the figures regarding the referencing of their Shopify store and the list of actions I will carry out next month.

The management and follow-up of SEO actions is a key point that allows you to better understand how your Shopify e-commerce reacts in natural referencing. Each site, via its theme, construction, content and links, reacts differently on Google.

Rather than applying the same method to all shopify sites, which would be counterproductive, it is necessary to measure and understand the relationship between your merchant site and your SEO positions.

If you want to exploit the full potential of your shopify site, boost its SEO performance and enjoy a support then contact me via the form below.

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Shopify and search engine optimization

Search engine optimizationa for shopify shop does not happen by itself! Even if shopify is a solution that is very well thought out to be compatible with SEO rules, it takes time and expertise to get a Shopify e-commerce site up and running in Google's results. Natural referencing is a daily and maintenance-free work, the traffic of a site can suddenly drop following an update from Google or simply following the appearance of new competitors.

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