Do you Need an E-commerce consultant ?

Do you need an E-commerce consultant for your e-commerce site?

Contact me to build together the consulting solution you need!

Do you need a consultant E-commerce to help you ?

My name is Benoît Gaillat, I have been an E-commerce consultant and E-commerce Expert for more than 15 years and I am ready to put my expertise and skills at your service.
Being well advised in the development of your E-commerce strategy will save you time and money. Carrying out a precise diagnosis of what is wrong with your online store requires the eye of a real independent expert!

80% of my customers contact me once their turnover drops. Don't do like them and take them in front! Use my expertise in e-commerce as your site grows to maximize results and secure your growth.

As an E-commerce consultant, I can help you create your online store, make the most of your site, identify and solve problems you encounter in your business development, optimize your acquisition strategy or your loyalty strategy.

Do you want to make more sales with your online store? Don't waste time and Contact me

Indeed, the competition is fierce, there are more than 200,000 e-commerce sites in France and many European sites also sell in France. Not to mention all the Chinese sites that do Dropshipping and compete with the most fragile e-merchants.

To succeed in E-commerce, it is therefore necessary to have good products but also important expertise and time to implement the right strategies. This is why an expert opinion can help your company to develop beyond your imagination and within the rules of the art of the e-merchant profession.

The life of an e-merchant is very busy and there is always a lack of time, I know, I have been in your shoes for years. Indeed, I have a long career as an e-merchant behind me since 2004. After having been able to boost several dozen e-commerce sites, I decided to set up my own business to share my knowledge and expertise and allow other e-commerce sites to succeed.

Today here is how, as an E-commerce consultant, I can help you grow your e-commerce site

Help you to build your E-commerce project

If you don't have an e-commerce site yet, take the opportunity to entrust the design of your project to an e-business consultant like me. This will prevent you from making the wrong choice of solution and service providers.
It will also be a good time to create an E-commerce business plan so as not to invest your money in the wrong place. An e-commerce site is a business like any other and every euro spent must be strategically spent!

At the moment, I highly recommend Shopify because they are easy to implement and very efficient. Contact me to find out if this can be part of your E-commerce project!

Optimize your online sales

The most classic mission for a consultant specialized in ecommerce and e-business is often to optimize his client's online sales. Your turnover is not taking off? Are you making some e-commerce mistakes ? Is the competition fierce? Don't you have enough traffic? Your site does not convert? So many good reasons to contact me now to solve these problems.

At the moment, I am working hard to optimize the mobile versions of my customers' e-commerce sites. Mobile represents more than 50% of their traffic but mobile e-commerce optimization requires a particular analysis and experience that my customers do not necessarily have. That's why they use my services.

Finding the right data in Google Analytics to know or optimize a site is an integral part of my skills as a Senior E-commerce Consultant.

Make a site redesign

Your site has existed for a few years but you need to redesign your e-commerce site? Entrust me with your redesign project to carry out this complicated, strategic and time-consuming task!

Indeed, writing the specifications of the new site, tendering, establishing project schedules and finding the right agency are very time-consuming! Many merchants trust their development agency blindly and pay the piper as soon as there is a slippage in the project.
It is time for this to change and for projects to be completed on time and within budget! Working with an expert e-commerce methodology saves money on your redesign project and greatly reduces budget overruns.

Coordinate your teams and service providers

E-commerce is a team effort! It is necessary to surround yourself with service providers and specialized skills to succeed. As a consultant, I can help you build your team of service providers and/or revitalize your internal e-commerce team to increase its performance.

How to choose a referrer? An SEA agency? A Google Tag Manager Expert. It is not easy to compare quotes that do not look alike. It's my job, though. Having worked with more than 150 agencies during my career, I can help you quickly find the most suitable service provider for your needs..

Freelance E-commerce Manager

Do you need an e-commerce manager or a transitional e-commerce director for a few months? My profile as an e-commerce consultant is there for this kind of temporary assignments. As a freelancer, fixed-term contract, full-time or part-time employee, there is necessarily a way to carry out this transition management under the best conditions.

Don't wait until you lose turnover to react and use my e-merchant skills for your company right now.

An expertise

Because you may not have the time to follow all the latest news on the web and e-commerce, it is sometimes good to take a consultant who carries out intensive monitoring and analysis of market movements. Maybe you need a GPRD specialist ? E-commerce remains a relatively young sector and many changes are regularly made to the impact. Use my skills to assess the risks and threats to your business and avoid making e-commerce mistakes.

A thorough review of your site, strategy or market can represent an interesting development opportunity for your company and allow it to take it to new levels.

If you believe in the potential of your e-commerce site but for various reasons you can't exploit it then contact me so that I can put my e-commerce skills and expertise to work for you quickly.

Ask for your personalized E-commerce consulting quotation

I will respond in the next 24 hours.

What is an e-commerce consulting assignment made of?

Each e-commerce consulting service is obviously 100% personalized according to each company.
It is therefore necessary to schedule a first framing meeting to clearly define your expectations and ambitions.

For information, here is an example of an E-commerce consulting mission that would aim to migrate a site from Prestashop to Shopify

  • Definition of the project scope
    • Audit of existing E-commerce or marketplace
    • Writing a migration plan (SEO & urls, text and image content, orders, customer accounts)
    • Drafting of the specifications for the new E-commerce site
    • Design of the wireframes for the new e-commerce site
  • Call for tenders for migration
    • SEO Call for Tenders
    • Technical call for tenders
    • Design call for tenders
  • Management of the migration project
    • Team coordination
    • Follow-up of the planning
    • Project points and reporting
    • E-commerce support

    This mission, which can be similar to an e-commerce project manager, requires manpower time, specialized skills and a good rigor in project management. All these skills, I can make them available to you as well.

    Example of result following an E-commerce consulting mission

    E-commerce consulting mission in France

    Objective: Identify the site's bottlenecks that hinder its commercial development

    Course of the consulting mission

    • The implementation of adapted measurement tools (Google Analytics correctly configured and heat maps)
    • Web analytics data analysis
    • Analysis of customer data (advice, after-sales service, etc.)
    • Construction of a Webmarketing and E-commerce Audit with more than 100 recommendations classified by priority
    • Results: the management team now has a clear vision on the priorities for developing the e-commerce site

    Customer verbatim:
    We knew that our website needed improvement but between the daily work and the chronic lack of time, we didn't have time to do it properly. Benoît has accompanied us very well in this mission and we now have our priorities well defined.

E-commerce Consultant

Hiring an E-commerce consultant to develop your E-commerce turnover can save you a lot of time and money!
In a very competitive E-commerce context, it is necessary to go fast and beat your competitors. My reactivity and my availability as a consultant can only help you in this objective. All data exchanged with e-commerce consulting missions are of course completely confidential.

E-commerce Consulting, how much does it cost?

You may be wondering how much an E-commerce consulting service costs? Well there is no ready-made answer, it can start at a few hundred euros for a very short mission like the optimization of the average e-commerce basket and go up to several tens of thousands of euros for a service of several months on a large project. Here are some indicative answers on the price of an E-commerce consulting service with an Expert in this article

What are the elements to be considered before working with a consultant?

Working with a good e-commerce consultant is also about preparing the mission on your side. Here are some tips to make the most of my expertise.

  • Don't wait until the last moment! Making changes to your website or strategy may take time. Don't wait until the last moment to contact me
  • Plan a budget. Already define an envelope that you can invest. There are expertise and consulting costs, but also modification or advertising costs. In short, enough to invest in. If you don't have a budget, it may be difficult to help you
  • Keep time on your side. A web consultant does not work alone, he needs you, he needs information and will give you some work. Do not hire a consultant if you do not have some time to spare.
  • A consultant is not a magician. If a person sells you a miracle recipe: run away! A consultant is there to help you, not to sell you miracles. An ecomemrce site requires a lot of work to succeed. Use a consultant like me to share this workload or redefine it.
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